The idea is that you have a structure such as:

    .mu_repo <- configuration file (created by mu commands)
    /repo1   <- git repository 

Then go to the root directory containing the repositories (in this case cd /workspace), add the repositories you want to work with and issue commands to all registered repos.

Tip: mu register --recursive registers all sub directories that contain a .git subdirectory. To register only sub directories within the current directory, issue mu register --current.

Tip: mu accepts registering relative paths for repositories, so, it's possible to register relative paths in a project repository to handle dependencies (see Grouping by project directories at Tips & Tricks for more details).

Tip: it may also be used as a git replacement on directories containing a .git dir.

Tip: the .mu_repo file is used to store the state used by mu, and its format is pretty simple, so, at times it may be easier to edit it directly instead of issuing commands.

Custom commands

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